The Role of Immigration in the International Law Community

By Miriam B Reidmiller, Esquire

Hello International Law Community, District of Columbia Bar. I’ve been serving as the AILA DC Chapter’s liaison to the DC Bar Voluntary Bar Leadership Group and came to realize that immigration lawyers, AILA, the DC Bar, and the voluntary would all benefit from collaborating.

I believe that the Bar’s partnerships are crucial in the fulfillment of its three pillars: lawyer empowerment, access to justice and law improvement.

I have been an immigration lawyer for nearly 30 years, and I have the knowledge and temperament to develop meaningful collaboration within the international law community, the 21 DC communities, and other voluntary bars.

I advocate for RESILIENCY AND DIVERSITY – I advocate for a holistic strategy ranging from a multi-discipline to a multi-faceted approach in obtaining legal solutions.


I believe in the intersection of immigration law with other fields like space law, the field which governs satellites and other practice areas.

Innovations in commercial satellites create a wide range of new services that are the backbone of modern society including: agriculture, environmental monitoring, finance, commercial fishing, emergency services, remote learning, teleworking, tele-medicine, etc.

The rapid commercial space growth has led to hiring challenges; companies are buying companies as a "quick fix" to expand their workforce Immigration law can help in the sponsorship of foreign-born experts to resolve scarcity of experts in technological fields including space law. Self-petitions for extraordinary and exceptional ability aliens, and increased quotas for H-B1 and other work visas are crucial. The work in the U.S. of experts and professionals can in turn help in easing the humanitarian crisis.

Glorehe Bulletin #1 -Overview of Space Law's Legal, Policy, and Regulatory Framework

Team GLOREHE with Subject Matter Experts, dedicate this maiden issue of GLOREHE B, (“B” for Bulletin) to the empowerment of the space law community in the global world. Our goal is to inspire and assist Space Law beginners, experts, and those in between, in understanding and journeying Space Law with fulfillment and ease. Disclaimer: This listing is a high-level introduction to the space legal and regulatory framework sourced through publicly available data and is by no means deemed an all-encompassing resource. This does not provide any expert opinion nor any legal advice.

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2023 SPACE LAW SYMPOSIUM - June 8, 2023 Washington, D.C

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President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr declared every 08 to 14 August as the Philippine Space Week to promote space awareness, highlight the contribution of Filipinos worldwide in the field of space science, and espouse the value, benefits, and impacts of space science and technology applications (SSTA) on the lives of Filipinos.

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