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As Washington DC lawyers, the attorneys at Riedmiller Law, understand that the law affects people in many different ways. This is why we are happy to count amongst our ranks some of the best Washington DC lawyers specializing in various areas of the law. Each and every one of our skilled Washington DC attorneys have experience in both counsel and representation, and many of them are certified in more than one area including Immigration Law, Temporary Visa and Work Permits. Here are only a few of the services that you can rely on Riedmiller Law to perform to your entire satisfaction:

  • Employment Based / Business Immigration

  • Relative Petition / Family Immigration

  • Citizenship and Naturalization

  • Removal / Deportation Prevention and Defense

  • Special handling Cases
  • Extraordinary / Exceptional aliens - victims of violence, etc.



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We practice family-based immigration. We help unite U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents with their foreign born immediate or preference relatives. We represent petitioners and beneficiaries in the I-130, relarive petitions, the K finacee visas ,and other visa petitions before the USCIS and other agencies. Additionally, we represent clients in the consular processing of immigrant visa applications before the National Visa Center (NVC), and through U.S. Consulates abroad.


We also practice employment-based cases. We seek to empower businesses and serve consumers in America, through the genius, talent, skills and hard work that the foreign born workers have to offer. We believe that America was built by the best minds and the strongest spirits that is why we assist clients who qualify, to find the shortest path to the green card.


We help protect children, women and men who are victims under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and through other laws. We proudly represent national interest waiver cases, the The Riedmiller Law Firm assists clients obtain U.S. citizenship, through naturalization application so that those who are eligible can perform civic duties that belong exclusively to citizens. Believing in preventive medication, we counsel clients on the preservation of legal status in the U.S. to protect them from removal (deportation). Because people make mistakes, or suffer unfortunate events, we assist clients in finding legal solutions for unlawful presence or violations of conditions of their visas. No matter how simple or complex a given case maybe -- the Riedmiller Law Firm – fights for a green card, or legal status. We assist eligible clients adjust status to legal permanent residence through such means as Section 245(i), through waivers of grounds of inadmissibility for fraud and material misrepresentation, national interest waivers, etc.

These are only a few of the many services that Riedmiller Law offers. For more information, or if you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Washington DC lawyers, call us or visit our Washington DC areas offices today.


Our practice is responsive to the uniqueness of Metro Washington, D.C.’s nature  as a government town and home to diverse and global  communities and institutions . ( Read more on our Founder, Miriam B. Riedmiller’s  immigration speech at the Smithsonian Institution’s 2010 Folklife Festival, “ Local Lives,  Global Ties; Immigration Stories: How We Got Here” www.folklife.si.edu and  Profile page)


Aside from standard green card cases (see below), we represent :   B-1/B-2 tourist and business visas, K  fiance/fiancee  visas, green cards and citizenship  for military families,   A visas for  diplomats/ employees of foreign Embassies, G-IV and G-V visas for World Bank  executives, and  their  household workers, I-360 special immigrant petitions for International organization retirees,  religious ministers from abroad,  and also for victims under the Violence against Women Act (VAWA). We handle  J-1 Exchange Scholar visas and waivers of the two year-home residence requirement under INA Section 212(e), and more.


Our clients’ global ties extend  from Burundi to Ghana, England, Holland , the Philippines and more. We are sensitive to diversity.  We successfully represented  a German  exceptional  ability client, in a  self petition for a green card --We proved that he transferred environmental technology to the U.S., meeting  the EB-2 criteria  and meriting exemption from a job offer and  labor certification requirements. We obtained his green card through a national interest waiver.


The Philippines has a special place in American history as a strong ally in peace and in wartime.  Read more our founder’s articles:  “ Why Filipinos Call this Country Home
 ( www.aila.org) and “The 100 years of Filipino Immigration to the U.S.” (Read More) .

We unite Filipinos/ Filipino-Americans  from across the globe,  with their U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (LPR) families or employers in the U.S.

 We   speak  English, Filipino and Tagalog. We nurture strong ties with, and support the  Philippines and the Filipino Americans in community building (Read more our reviews). We  work with the American  legal community towards continuing legal education and public service ( Read more our Profile and Honors and Awards) .

The Philippines  is one of four countries, named  in the Visa Bulletin, under a special category  tied to  priority dates  with  longer waiting time for the green card. (http://travel.state.gov/visa/bulletin/bulletin). Thus, our practice is geared towards carving the shortest  legal paths to the green card .

Our Practice and Common Immigration Cases - We help clients:

Our Practice and Immigration Cases in General

Green Card
(Permanent Residence)


 Status to Work in the US

Family Unity

 Humanitarian Relief

F. Immigration through Adoption

G. Visit to the US

H.  Special Relief -- Military

Immigration Expertise


We serve standard, simple cases. We also serve clients with special handling needs such as waivers of grounds of inadmissibility:

  • I-601 Waiver for fraud and material misrepresentation
  • People make mistakes. We help people get a second chance and win green cards because of positive factors, merit, extenuating and mitigating factors .

  • National interest waiver for extraordinary and exceptional ability aliens
  • We help foreign born talents in the sciences and the arts  prove their merit, and waive tedious labor certification process and job offers to win green cards.

  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).
  • We fight for men, women and children who were victims of battery and extreme cruelty under the VAWA criteria, win green cards.

  • J-1 Waiver of tow year residence requirements
  • We help J-1 Visa holders win green cards, through adjustment of status in the U.S. by proving that they are exempt from the two year requirement to return to their home country or prove that they are exempt.

  • Fiancee Visa ( K Visa)
  • B-1, B-2, Business and Visitor Visas
  • Working Visas (H1B, L, I, G etc.)
  • J-1 Section 2-12(e) Waivers


The Riedmiller Law Firm is committed to help aspirants for U.S. citizenship. Attorney Miriam B. Riedmiller, has been devoted to Pro Bono work for the annual AILA Citizenship Day Free Legal Clinic (www.aila.org). In 2009 and 2010, she was Site Coordinator for the AILA Washington DC Chapter. Shown in photo is Ms. Riedmiller with other volunteers, featured by Hogar Legal Services at their Spring 2010 Newsletter (www.ccda.net).


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